408 Evans St
Williamsville, NY 14221

Our MenuSomething for Everyone

Our menu includes a wide range of authentic Mexican cuisine that is sure to please and delight everyone in the family. If you aren't sure where to start, ask our experienced staff for their recommendations and mention any vegetarian or dietary concerns. Remember to contact us if you have any questions about our food, the preparation, the ingredients or anything else.

*All prices are subject to change without notice.

Descriptions of authentic plates

tamai (tah-mahl) - Savory meat filling seamed in corn meal casing
tostada (tos-tah-dah) - Deep fired tortilla
guacamole (gwah-kah-mol-lay) - Avocado salad
chile relleno (chee-lay ray-yay-nohs) - Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese
chalupa (cha-lu-pah) - Flat tortilla with beans topped with cheese andquacamole salad
enchilada (en-chee-la-dah) - Corn tortilla rolled around seasoned filling, topped with sauce and cheese
burrito (bu-ree-toh) - Flour tortilla rolled around seasoned filling topped with sauce and cheese
tostaguac (tohs-tah-gwahk) - Flat tortilla with beef, lettuce and guacamole

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